In the sports world there is nothing like Baseball. It is a game that ties us together through generations. The players become part of our lives even though we don’t really know them. We share the joy of winning and losing with all those that are fans.

When a player like Jose Fernandez dies way too early, we mourn as fans and as humans who share that common bond of mortality.

I cared not a whit about whether the Marlins won or lost before yesterday but I would tune into their games to watch Jose pitch.

I cried when I heard the news yesterday. I cried when I watched his life story of coming from Cuba and becoming an American citizen.

He understood more than people who live here about how much being an American means. Then today I cried watching the Marlins pregame and then, just to prove the game is magical, Dee Gordon, batting right handed with Jose Fernandez helmet on took the first pitch. He then went back to hitting from his favoured left side and hit a HOME RUN, his first home run of the year and breaks down crying, running around the bases.

It is a magical sport in a magical country. There is no sport like it, and there is no country like America.