At this year’s 42nd Year Anniversary of the Doug Hunter Carnival (which is a Softball Gala Day event for u13 Girls) we at Stealers are proud to announce that our amazing ‘Stealers Galaxies‘ (Modball Team) were the runner’s up in the Plate Cup division.

This event was held last Sunday (27th May) in brilliant weather, which made our team absolutely shine with brilliant fielding, batting and overall superb team spirit, especially for a team where a 6 out of the 9 players who played on the day only started playing this year. An excellent achievement! For the other girls who have played before in this event it must be noted that some girls it is their third year of participating in this event – but this year was extra special because it this first time that Stealers have actually entered one whole Stealers team without having to borrow players from other Clubs or our players having to play for another Club to participate in this great day and not to mention how good it was to see a full Stealers colour team on the diamonds!

Our first game was against St Ives Toolangs and with a promising start from the Toolangs in the top of the first innings at 5-0 our team did exceptionally well, with a promising start where the highlight of the game was in the bottom of the first innings, Stealers were batting with loaded bases and Caitlin (one of our catchers) came up and hit a home run making it 5-5 (Caitlin now has the nickname “Homer”). In the second innings it also highlighted in such a short period of time how quickly our girls have progressed and taken on new skills defeating the Toolangs 9-7, wining the first game.

Then we had an interesting and challenging second game against Thornleigh Kingfishers. At the completion of the 1st innings we were tied at 0-0. However, the Kingfishers came back on the 2nd innings and at the finish of the third innings we were defeated 10–0. Nonetheless our girls were just brilliant, they never gave-up, they just kept on trying and simply had some unfortunate bounces of the ball.

After lunch Stealers Galaxies played Kissing Point Gold Sox who fielded “just a few” rep players (which is clearly noticeable when the pitcher is pitching at the adult position on the pitching plate and is pitching incredibly fast). Regardless of our opponents skill level this did not phase our Galaxies because after extremely long first innings we stood proud with a convincing score of 5-5. In the second innings and being the final innings it was just as long and trying as the first innings, but after a few opportunities that went against us the final score was 10-5 in favour of Gold Sox. Needless to say it was still a great team result and the proof is in the pudding; now being the runners-up of the 2013 Doug Hunter – Plate Cup division.

Our success on the day is contributed to our overall team spirit of “Stealers Galaxy” Team and the many wonderful parents who (mostly without any Softball experience) helped out in the various positions willingly and enthusiastically in all 3 games and also at our normal Saturday games too. We really do have a fantastic team this year. It’s great to see our team numbers are also up considerably this year for Modball being 13 players. And considering we are a team of mostly new players (all except 4) it is so rewarding to see how quickly our girls have developed as a team.

So, well done to our Galaxies girls; Jodie, Sienna, Monica, Emilia, Caitlin, Julia, Alyssa, Charlotte and Saskia.

And thank you again to our great parents who helped out on the day; Kerry, Dim, Alf, Cathy, Rina, Mick, Matt, Jacqui, Bobbie and Wendy (for cheer squad)…