The Stealers Battered Bat Award is awarded to play on the Baseball field above and beyond the norms of Baseball. Each of these awards is a story in its own right. If you get the chance to speak to any of the recipients of this award, take a seat,  take some time and enjoy the tale.

Year Recipient
1994/5 Geoff ‘Curve Ball’ Byrne
1995/6 Graham ‘125 Stitches’ Davisdon
1996/97 Dan ‘Giraffe’s Head’ Foley
1997/98 Dave ‘Two Home’ Fish
1998/99 Wayne ‘I’ll back up you all’ Bosley
2001 Alex ‘RBI’ Ploeg
2001/02 Tony ‘Reverse Steal’ Storry
2002 Atsushi ‘Scoring Coach’ Iwato
2002/03 Lloyd ‘Falcon’ Parata
2003/04 Rick ‘Candyman’ Shapiro
2004/05 Mark ‘Dryazabone’ Hay
2005/06 Jeff ‘Best Dressed’ Persson
2007 Pete ‘Catering Officer’ Weesley
2008 Steve ‘Wristy’ South
2009 Rod ‘LT Dang’ Burger
2010 Melvin ‘Golden Boots’ Phan