Over 60 juniors turned up and 16 seniors.

1st session [30+ players] – we had a mix of quite young to LL Minor players. Next week will start warmup at 5.45, not 5.30, ready for 6.00-6.30 throwing only clinic. Those who are in LL Minor and wish to pitch will move to 2nd session

Thankyou to Paul Haynes for his assistance. Invaluable

2nd session [30 players+] – had a younger [LL Major/ Minor] vs older [LL Junior/Senior] grouping. After players were warmed up by Damo,  Brad went through his spiel then we broke into 2 groups. Damo took the younger group [ a BIG Thankyou to him as this saved the session] and Brad took the older group. Next week we will extend the 2nd session by 15 mins, giving the younger group pitching instruction from Brad first while the older players do some in field then we will move onto the older players for their 2nd pitching instruction. From what I saw, there was a marked improvement in the pitching ability of most.  It was good to see 2 Knox boys there.

3rd session –  7 senior teams had players in attendance. All improved with some simple fine tuning.

Graham Sollings new curve ball pitch a cracker.

Overall, seems to have been well received and a success –