At the recent RHBL Competition Management Committee meeting, it was agreed that all clubs would now follow the bat policy as handed down by BNSW at the beginning of the season.

Whilst the wording of the above policy may be a little hard to understand, RHBL will be adding the following wording to the rules:
Women: there is no restriction on composite barrels in the BNSW Guidelines.
(Note: This does not apply to T-ballers and Zooka.)

New Bat Policy

3.6. BATS
Bat sizes allowable in RHBL are in accordance with LL Guidelines Rule 1.10 and Baseball NSW Bat regulations 21082015

Equal to or Less than

Age group



Maximum Differential Weight

Bat Performance factor less than

LL Senior

2 5/8


Minus 3

LL Junior 34″

2 5/8


LL Major & Minor

2 1/4



The “Weight/Length Differential shown above is the numerical difference between the bat weight in ounces and the bat length in inches, in that order.

Bats used in LL Junior and Senior competition that are 2 5/8” in diameter and composite barrel must be BBCOR certified only.