Day 1 Brisbane North v Ryde North – 11-4 win to Ryde North

Brisbane North: Joel Strasser was strong at bat with two hits and 2 RBIs, along with teammate Andrew Cusick with two hits and 1 RBI.
Ryde North: Travis Bazzana had a blinder with one hit, one RBI, a double-play and assisted in six outs in sixteen pitches. Jo Stevens also strong at bat with two hits and two RBIs. Starting pitcher Sebastian Matthews went three innings owning six strike outs.
Gold Coast v Ryde North – Ryde North had their second win 14-2

Gold Coast: Two home runs to Rhys Gordon and Daniel Grant
Ryde North: Two home runs as well to Sebastian Matthews and Luis Gonzalez
Day 2 Cronulla North v Ryde North – 20-19 win for Ryde North in a 4 hour game!
Day 3 Ryde North v MacArthur – come-back 12-11 win to MacArthur
Ryde North: two-base hits by Jack Dudley, Sebastian Matthews, Luis Gonzalez and Mark Thompson.
2nd v 7th Playoff
Perth Metro Central v Ryde North – 4-1 win to Perth Metro Central

The whole team very competitive however, our run came to an end in the semis.
Well done boys, you have done yourselves, Stealers and Ryde North proud